June 3, 2023

Towing is a common service that people need when their vehicle breaks down or is damaged. However, it can be a hassle to find the right company to take care of this situation.

You need a tow company that has years of experience and the proper equipment for the job. Visit Towing Tampa and be sure that you get the right service for your car.


Towing in Tampa FL is a complex process that involves state and county laws. These laws are designed to protect your car from damage and make sure that tow companies have proper procedures in place.

In Florida, a tow is legal if there is a posted sign that says “tow away zone” or “vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.” The sign must be prominent and easy to see, and it must also provide the name and number of a tow truck company.

If your vehicle is towed from a private property, you should contact the property owner. They should be able to explain the situation and help you recover your vehicle.

The attorneys at Morgan & Morgan are investigating claims that tow truck companies in Tampa are engaging in predatory towing practices and overcharging drivers whose cars they impound. If you have been a victim of these types of crimes, you should file a complaint with the local law enforcement agency in your area.


Towing in Tampa FL is an important service that many drivers need at one point or another. Getting the right towing company will ensure that you have peace of mind during an emergency situation.

Before you select a towing company, you should be aware of their pricing structure. These fees will vary based on the type of vehicle you own, as well as the length and distance it must be towed.

If your car needs to be towed long distances, you’ll want to find a service that offers flatbed towing. This is the most cost-effective method of transporting a car, and it allows for more flexibility than a traditional dolly or tow truck.

Towing companies in Tampa FL will charge you a base fee or hook-up price, and then a per-mile rate thereafter. It’s best to get an exact breakdown of these fees before you choose a towing company, and be sure to check the mileage or price limit of your insurance coverage.


In Tampa FL, there are many vehicle storage options to choose from. These include enclosed drive up vehicle storage, covered RV parking and uncovered rv parking. The type of vehicle storage that you need will depend on the length of your vehicle.

The size of your vehicle will also affect the cost of the storage. Larger vehicles will be more expensive to store, especially if you need a larger unit.

Fortunately, there are many storage locations in Tampa FL offering vehicle storage parking spaces for rent at affordable prices. Compare the storage facility price, sizes and discounts to find a place that works best for you.

If you need to store your vehicle while it is being towed, make sure the towing company offers vehicle storage and does not have a storage fee that exceeds Hillsborough County regulations. The towing company must allow you to retrieve your vehicle within six hours after the vehicle was towed and not charge you a storage fee until after that time has passed.


When a car is impounded from a private Tampa-area parking lot, tow companies must allow drivers to retrieve their vehicle within one hour of making their request. This includes removing any personal belongings from the vehicle.

The law also requires that tow companies provide customers with a description of the vehicle and its make, model and year, as well as its VIN number. This information can be useful when retrieving a vehicle, as it can help to verify its ownership and determine which towing company should be credited with the retrieval.

The law also requires that a company use the most effective method of allowing a driver to retrieve their vehicle from a gated tow lot, which may include using GPS technology to track the location of the towed vehicle. The best part is that the company must also be able to offer the most cost-effective method for doing so. If you have experienced a problem with a Tampa tow, contact our attorneys at Morgan & Morgan to discuss your options for recovery.